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Our Office

1 Adam Square
Brucefield Industry Park
Livingston EH54 9DE

+44 (0) 1506 444 755



By Car

  • Despite the usual traffic, this is typically the best route if you're driving in from Edinburgh. Take Johnston Terrace and W Approach Rd to Calder Rd/A71 (About 24 minutes, 5.9 miles). Follow A71 to Brucefield Park N in Livingston (About 17 minutes, 10.2 miles). Continue on Brucefield Park N. Drive to Adam Square (About 1 minute, 0.3 miles)
  • We offer free parking on our own lot. Please take any available space or drive around to the side or back of the building if the front lot is full.

By Plane

  • The closest airport to us is Edinburgh International Airport.
  • If you have made arrangements with our staff in advance, we can usually accommodate picking you up.
  • Please speak with the person you've arranged to meet with at Sports Labs to see what other transportation options are available.
  • We are happy to assist you with taxis and train schedules to/from Edinburgh and Livingston.
  • Please call and ask for Louise O'Rourke at +(44) 1506 444 755 if you have any travel questions not addressed here.


  • If you wish to stay locally, there are plenty of quality hotels to choose from in Livingston - many are near other amenities, such as restaurants.
  • Most of our guests prefer to stay in Edinburgh to take in the sites during their down time.
  • If you'd like some ideas of where to stay, please speak with the person you've arranged to meet with at Sports Labs.
  • Some of our staff are originally from Edinburgh and can offer you some fantastic tourist advice - just ask!


We always have plenty of coffee, tea and water on hand for our guests and upon your arrival you'll be asked what you prefer. There's also a sandwich house across the street from our building. If you're just popping in for a quick visit and you'd like to grab a bite on your way in or out of our office, please note it's a small shop that closes around 2PM on most days. If you're traveling quite a distance to specifically meet with us by invitation and our meeting spans over the lunch hour, we will normally try to serve sandwiches and an assortment of refreshments. If lunch is provided, it will be brought to you in our conference room at around 12:30pm. If you have any allergies or cannot eat specific foods, please mention this to the person you've arranged to meet with at Sports Labs so we can work to ensure you're served a suitable meal. It's advised to confirm with us in advance if lunch will be served or not. If you are here for an extended visit and scheduling allows for it, your host may have an opportunity to invite you for lunch or dinner at one of his/her favorite restaurants in Livingston or Edinburgh.